Assessment Psychological Assessment refers to the battery of tests administered to evaluate your intellectual, learning, emotional, cognitive and/or behavioral functioning. Psychological Assessment involves administration, scoring, and interpretation of tests; it also requires the psychologist to prepare a written report and meet with parents you to review the results. Request for a test battery varies depending upon the referral question(s), and this can include a structured interview, assessment of intellectual capability, learning/processing measures, behavior and cognitive functioning, measures of attention and memory, academic achievement measures, projective measures, self-report surveys, parent and third party checklists.Assessment is conducted for children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbances, and Psychological Factors Associated with Medical Conditions, Social Problems, and Parent-Child Relational Problems etc. Psychotherapy CWC have seasoned psychologist to treat individuals whose thought patterns and behavior are a threat to their own and others’ functioning and well-being. This intervention include diagnosis, assessment and a wide range of psychotherapy programs for people with a wide range of mental health conditions.Psychotherapy is a general term that is used to describe the process of treating psychological disorders and mental distress. Psychotherapy helps one to learn about their condition and moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. This program which is a team effort enables individuals of various age groups to take control of life, condition and respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills. Referrals CWC are in partnership with a wide range of health professionals and experts and institutions (Both public and private) and refer clients to these seasoned professionals for consultation and further treatment and assistance. These referral makes our program more holistic in the treatment approach.