Guess Who Stopped By

It’s a speaker series program where the CWC team have Breakfast or Lunch meetings with health and mental health professionals to tap into the knowledge and experience of these accomplished professionals in the health and mental health sector as well as other institutions.

Round Table Discussion

Our Round Table Discussion series features individuals, practitioners, academics, students and professionals, persons living with health or mental health disorders who come together to discuss health and mental health matters. This is an education, awareness and advocacy program.

Research / Projects

This informs individuals of current publication and ongoing research projects.

Seminars / Conferences

Our seminars and conferences brings together local and international bodies, researchers, academics, practitioners and other stakeholders to share knowledge, networking and to educate participants. It’s a platform for learning, knowledge sharing and to network.

Researchers, Academics, Practitioners and interested stakeholders are invited to submit papers for oral and poster presentations as well as publications in journals.


This is a mentoring program for young professionals and students. Activities include career development, inspirational speakers, leadership and civic engagement activities. Each year, mentors from various fields are paired with mentees for a one-on-one mentoring program for a year.

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