Overview/Profile of the Company

Corporate Wellness Consultancy (CWC) is a team of young passionate, creative, innovative, focused, and principled individuals with the drive to provide health and mental health services for people of various abilities. These services are available for individuals and corporations in the areas of: education, research, assessment, and interventions. Our goal at CWC is to foster an environment which leads to optimal health and well-being for that individual or institution.

At CWC, we are committed to helping individuals and institutions optimize their overall well-being and performance through research, assessment, treatment intervention, and education in all areas associated with Health and Mental Health.

Our Mission

  • Share strong evidence-based practice with individuals and institutions
  • Provide assessment and evidence-based intervention.
  • Embark on Research, education, training, and outreach programs.

Our Vision

CWC is committed to helping individuals and institutions optimize their health and performance through assessment and designed evidence based intervention(s), research and education in the following areas:

  • Mental Health
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Assessment / Intervention Programs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training Programs
  • Sports Injury Intervention Programs
  • School/Education Intervention Programs
  • Health Safety and Environment